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    • EDUCATION AUTUMN: Seasons change, leaves change, but the message remains the same

      Maybe you answered the door this summer to see a smiling face and make a personal connection with your statewide union. If you didn’t, you might just get a visit in the weeks leading up to Election Day.

      “We’re building on the success and momentum from Education Summer by growing this statewide network of member organizers who take a leading role in the campaign to promote our members’ rights and fight for educational justice,” said NYSUT President Andy Pallotta.

      NYSUT member organizers knocked on more than 33,000 doors and had some 8,500 face-to-face conversations with other NYSUT members to discuss the value of their union during July and August. For many, it was illuminating.

      “People tend to think of NYSUT as the solver of problems,” said Robin Parente, a new member organizer from Chittenango TA. “But the truth is, we are all NYSUT.”

      As NYSUT continues the Member Organizing Institute into Education Autumn, another 60 union members have stepped up to hit the pavement and be the face of the union for thousands of members who may not have yet had a personal relationship with their statewide federation.

      Over the weekend, the Autumn Organizing Institute provided intensive training in member engagement, house visit organizing skills, use of advanced technology tools, leadership, and union and community issues.

      “You all are about to engage in a very pure expression of unionism: member-to-member direct action, in a very personal way, going into people’s homes and talking about the value of the union,” said NYSUT Board member Don Carlisto, who is working to coordinate the complex matrix of thousands of scheduled home visits all over the state.

      Organizers met and spoke with other NYSUT members about important issues like the constitutional convention vote in November, the value of being a member of a union and other struggles to improve our schools, our professions and support for our school communities.

      education autumn
      MEMBER-TO-MEMBER: Sally Lord of Ulster County BOCES chats about the constitutional convention with Wendy Ashline of North Colonie Teachers Association. Photo by Rebecca Miller.

      They visited with Capital District-area members in their homes, mobilized supporters and identified grassroots leaders, all while helping to build the movement for great schools and colleges for all.

      Leading up to Election Day on Nov. 7, organizers will continue to discuss the importance of voting NO on Proposition 1.

      “I truly believe we’re going to win this fight on the constitutional convention,” Carlisto said. “But we’re also going to make sure that each and every member sees union value, and when we look back on these initiatives, we’re going to say that this was the game changer, the fact that members put feet in the street to connect with other members.”

      One of the new organizers posed the question: How can we fight the threats to unions if the U.S. Supreme Court decides against labor rights in the Janus decision in the upcoming session. The case, ultimately could render every state in the nation a “right to work” state.

      Addressing the volunteers Saturday, AFT President Randi Weingarten said: “This is how you do it, what you’re doing here today,” pointing out that face to face is the best way to grow the union movement, especially now.

      "People want to know that there is value in the union.”

    • NYSUT pledges support for victims of Hurricane Maria

      ALBANY, N.Y. Sept. 22, 2017 — New York State United Teachers President Andrew Pallotta today issued the following statement in support of those dealing with the devastation of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico:

      “Many NYSUT members and the students they serve have families in Puerto Rico whose lives have been upended by Hurricane Maria’s destruction. Victimized, too, were our colleagues on the island who are represented by the American Federation of Teachers, NYSUT’s national affiliate. Our union will begin reaching out immediately to help those now suffering the storm’s damaging effects and its aftermath, as well as NYSUT members and students who may be struggling emotionally as their families confront the difficult challenge of rebuilding their lives. Despite the physical distance that separates us, Hurricane Maria hits close to home for NYSUT, and we stand ready to do everything in our power to assist victims in their recovery.”

      Follow updates on NYSUT disaster relief efforts at www.nysut.org/disasterrelief

      New York State United Teachers is a statewide union with more than 600,000 members in education, human services and health care. NYSUT is affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers, the National Education Association and the AFL-CIO.

    LTA Blog

    Stand Up For What All Kids Need







    Gov. Andrew Cuomo's proposed budget for 2015-2016 lays out a punishing anti-public education agenda that attacks teachers and hurts students.

    Rather than provide what all kids need, the governor is pushing a Billionaires' Agenda that would decimate the state's public schools. His "my-way-or-the-highway" budget would:

    • hold school aid increases hostage;
    • woefully underfund the state's K-12 and higher education systems;
    • more than double the weight of standardized tests;
    • make permanent an undemocratic tax cap that has wreaked financial havoc on school communities;
    • eliminate funding for teacher training;
    • launch a back-door voucher plan that would siphon funding away from schools most in need;
    • underfund public higher education by tying funding to campus "performance" rather than enrollment;
    • smooth the way for the privatization of SUNY's five hospitals;
    • destroy prep programs for future teachers;
    • and fail to fully address the student debt crisis.

    Simply put, Gov. Cuomo's proposed budget - which serves the interests of his billionaire backers - is an attack on public education that fails to address what all students need.

    Things you can do right now to fight back.

    Every NYSUT member is needed to defend public education and the teaching profession from Gov. Cuomo's Billionaires' Agenda.

    Tell the governor to stop scapegoating... stop teacher bashing and focus on what #AllKidsNeed.

    Here's your to-do list.

    Take action on this week's campaigns.

    The latest actions will always be right here in the No. 1 spot.

    Call your state senator. Now.

    • Stop what you're doing and call your state senator with this message: stand up to the Governor's "Bigfoot" tactics and defend our outstanding New York public schools!
    • You can look up the number at the NYSUT Member Action Center.

    Sign up for MAC text alerts!

    Take 10 seconds and sign up for MAC text alerts on your phone!

    Here's how: Text the word "NYSUT" to the contact number 38470.

    Sign the petitions.

    Call out the governor.

    • Invite the governor to visit your class to learn what #AllKidsNeed. Tweet out an invite directly at him and be sure to include his Twitter handle @NYGovCuomo and the hashtag #InviteCuomo if you want your tweet to be seen and heard.
    • Not on Twitter? See step 8.

    Get connected to the MAC.

    • BY TEXT. Get real-time text messages about urgent news and actions by texting the word NYSUT to the number 38470.
    • BY EMAIL. Subscribe to the NYSUT Member Action Center email alerts for updates on this campaign. If you're registered via email as a NYSUT MAC e-activist you'll also be the first to know about upcoming rallies, protests and more.
    • BY APP. Download the NYSUT MAC App for your iPhone or for your Android phone. Be sure notifications are enabled to receive alerts on new action items.

    Get connected on Facebook.

    Get connected on Twitter.

    • Join Twitter and follow @NYSUT to be part of the social media army.
    • Once a day (or as often as possible) tweet your thoughts on what #AllKidsNeed - more science labs, music and art classes, school libraries, smaller class sizes and more. We're reminding the governor to focus on what matters! Follow the conversation in real-time for some great examples from parents and educators.

    Share the poster.

    Wear the button.

    Take part in community forums.

    • Keep an eye on nysut.org/allkidsneed for information on upcoming NYSUT-sponsored Community Forums to Save Public Education in every region of the state.

    Talk it up.

    • Get the conversation going - online and offline. Read "Where We Stand" and use it to craft social media messages, send letters to the editor, and brief friends and colleagues.
    • Circulate and share print materials and videos.

    Support "Take Action Tuesday."

    • Mark your calendar to support NYSUT's "Take Action Tuesday" every week. Be on the lookout for updates.

    Learn more at www.nysut.org/allkidsneed.


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